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LYNX is an expert software house that develops applications for e-learning and e-services using effective Open Source technologies.

We was born in 1995 by researchers with years of experience in multimedia tools.
Driven by a strong educational vocation, we initially aim our software to young students and teachers of primary schools.
Between 1995 and 2000 some excellent products come to life as Stroccofillo, MioMondo Web and Iperbolario, which were an absolute point of reference between the educational software of that time.

From 2000 we expanded our busisness to adult education, designing our e-learning platform completely Open Source.
ADAADA - Digital Environment for Learning is our pride. Unlike other platforms, ADA is based on an integrated approach in which collaborative learning, tutoring, and monitoring and evaluation of training, are supported by a solid and functional structure.

Collaboration is the foundation of our vision for training and development, and it drives the relationship with our customers.wisp

The espertize gained over the years in the field of e-learning and management of web communites, allowed us to invent innovative solutions for service and advice at a distance. WISP is the platform that integrates video conferencing, file sharing, shared calendar, deep monitoring of services in order to provide online counseling.

Our products are Open Source software released under the General Public Licence.
For us, it means being part of a large community of developers who care about the spread of free software, secure and honest.
For our customers, it means that we provide reliable and robust products at a reasonable cost without license costs.