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ADA 2.0

Create your own online courses, manage education, evaluates the students
with the best Open Source platform.

We develop ADA-Digital Learning Environment since 2000, paying attention to the real needs of education professionals and students. The update of ADA is continuous and steady, in line with the latest web standards and accessibility. With ADA 2.0 you will have a complete environment where all the tools are integrated to give you full control over training and assessment processes.


ADA Speak

The version of ADA for language learning.
Language learning is challenging for any e-learning platform: it need to manage multiple languages, to repeat over and over again the same exercises, to use assessment tools to evaluate  skills and competences, to communicate with tootors and mate.

ADA speak is the optimal solution for each of this challanges.



The solution for Distance Learning Courses in Medical Education.
We have developed ADAecm in line with the requirements imposed by the Italian Ministry of Health.

ADAecm is designet to be used by Medical Education providers that require an advanced and comprehensive system for the management of the courses for doctors, nurses and health professionals, able to provide both distance events in self-education and for groups and even virtual meeting through videoconferencing.