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Vocabolario Multimediale

Everyone can have its own vocabulary

Vocabolario Multimediale is an exceptional teaching tool, it enable you to create a collaborative environment in which classes and pupils can create their own shared vocabulary, writing their own definitions of words, adding grammatical rules and forms, providing their own explanatory examples or images and videos of explanation.

Vocabolario Multimediale doesn't contains only words but can also hold libraries of texts (stories, fairy tales, anthology ...), each words of which there is an explanation in the vocabulary is automatically transformed into iperlik, so that pupils can learn in the course of reading the meaning of the word they encounter.

Vocabolario Multimediale was also conceived as a support tool for education of Italian sign language (LIS): each headword is translated automatically into symbols of dattilologia and among the fields of explanation of terms you can insert video explanations in LIS.

Vocabolario Multimediale is available at