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A single software for distance collaborating! Chat, video conferencing, file sharing, co-browsing, whiteboard. 
A communication tool simple to use, flexible, fast and safe.

OpenMeetings is opensource software released under GPL license which let you take part in video conferences and share documents and worksession.

OpenMeetings let you create virtual rooms, assign users to the rooms and – once started video conferencing – share documents, desktop, and whiteboard.
Completely web based, it does not require installation of additional plugins in addition to those already present on each computer.  

We have several solutions for you:

  • Standalone - OpenMeetings autonomously is installed on our machine or on your own server. You have your access, different modes of virtual rooms to communicate and collaborate with your clients and colleagues.    
  • Integrated into your site - if you already have your own site or platform we can integrate some features of Open Meetings within it, so you'll have a single login for multiple functionality.    
  • Integrated into one of our platforms - ADA and WISP use natively OpenMeeting modules to effectively integrate all features of synchronous communication. If you need a full optional systems, we have what you need!