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OpenLabor (opendata + labor) is a platform for job and training search that aggregates and make accessible the scattered data in Internet. This data can came from both the public sector, private entities and users: OpenLabor multiply the value of the information through the traditional mechanisms of social networks.

OpenLabor is a platform that allows to:

  • collect open data on job opportunities
  • collect open data on public and private training
  • clean up data, index them and make them "semantically" comprehensible for users
  • propose data to programmers and companies via webservices and/or API
  • offer to public administrations real time statistics and reports on requests from users

OpenLabor is also an application (web and Smartphones) which:

  • crosses and filters the data on the user's profile (skills, interests, experiences, biography, research)
  • makes users specific proposals, including through informal channels such as Social Neworks
  • allows improvement through user feedback
  • shows users necessary training to bridge the skills gap between job offers.

OpenLabor as social network, enables users to:

  • report job opportunities not present in platform
  • report informal learning opportunities
  • report job opportunities and training to  friends users in the platform
  • report training they would need in their area
  • vote the usefulness of training paths
  • compare their experiences after the talks
  • join interest groups

OpenLabor provide PA statistics on secondary data about:

  • most popular job (by age, by gender, for curriculum, for user profile)
  • most required training (by age, by gender, for curriculum, for user profile)
  • training experience satisfaction
  • outcome of job interviews