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AVIPA - Including Virtual Environment for Autistic Pupils

AVIPA is a platform (server / client) to share a virtual common space to educate autistic pupils in their living environments as school, family, health agencies and associations.

AVIPA allows a virtual link (global, synchronous and asynchronous) with all the living spaces frequented: It 'a tool that sits between the computer's operating system and programs / resources, hiding details not useful to the autistic pupil, allowing a new organization of the icons on the basis of metaphors and categories other than the typical "desktop".

AVIPA therefore allows autistic kids using computers to meet their needs and preferences through a process of customization (graphical and logical) and through the replication of work environments even in different contexts:
AVIPA has a client that replaces the personalized computer desktop on different PCs, and allows users to launch applications, view media etc..
An user can have different installations on different machines, but they all share the same interface and the same data.
User data is stored on a remote server, which also serves as a backend for the administration of the profiles and the report.

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