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ADA speak

The version of ADA for language learning.

Language learning is challenging for any e-learning platform: it need to manage multiple languages, to repeat over and over again the same exercises, to use assessment tools to evaluate  skills and competences, to communicate with tootors and mate.

ADA speak is the optimal solution for each of this challanges.

ADA speak is an open source platform designed to facilitate the creation, delivery and monitoring of distance learning courses for language learning.
The heart of the system is used to manage every kind of educational paths, focusing on a wide variety of exercises, grammar and language packs. With ADA speak the student enters a real collaborative learning environment: ADA speak support self-study but also remote tutoring and collaborative methodologies.

ADA speak is equipped with a powerful engine that can generate and manage dozens of different types of exercises that you can enhance with introductions and explanations.
All the exercises can have an automatic correction and instant, by the students, but also a manual verification by tutors and teachers, in order to make a qualitative assessment with high educational value.