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You do not have to change! We adapt what you have to your new needs.



If you need to change and find something new software to launch your business, we'll help you do it.

But you are not forced to change systems and working methods. If you have already adopted a platform or an open source CMS, we can help you make everything more integrated, effective and efficient.
We can help you develop new modules, additional functionality, integrate your site with e-commerce, video conferencing, SMS and much more.

We are not just resellers of software. We have our own products but we can also adapt open source software to the specific needs of our clients, we respect security, usability, and accessibility standards to reach all your target!

Some examples of our customization services:

  • Design of graphical user interfaces
  • Single sign-in between platform and access site
  • e-commerce system
  • Video Conferencing system
  • Push notification system
  • Development of additional modules and functionality